Wallpaper 1680x1050

To become a philosopher, taking a nature hike is enough. Once a person is in the wild, they spend whole hours in thought involuntarily. What’s important, different trifles get out of our heads at such moments – what to make for dinner, how to finish a graduation thesis as soon as possible, what car to buy. Instead, they’re substituted by more valuable stuff like what you’ve achieved in your life so far and what you’d like to achieve in the nearest future, whether you make any headway or not, whether it’s time to start a family. Reasoning from this, it comes out that people living in the countryside must be more determined and successful. Don’t you think so? It seems they aren’t annoyed by triviality but pay attention only to essential things. Moreover, they must know for sure what they want in life unlike those who are city residents. The latter seem more likely to be small-minded. A city bustle doesn’t let them afford time just to ponder thoroughly. Nature wallpapers can make you relaxed, saying nothing of real landscapes. Just look at some of them! Some nature creations strike with beauty, so it’s possible to lose one’s tongue looking at them. Ancient forests lost in the fog at daybreak, grand mountains rising to the sky, spacious green meadows dotted with colourful flowers, azure ocean water, and snow-white sand beaches… All this you can find here, in our collection of nature wallpapers.