It’s difficult to realize that people have been driving cars only 130 years so far. Karl Benz is considered to be the automobile inventor. In 1886, he created a prototype of a modern car, whose main features were wire wheels and four-stroke engine, generating power on its own. Cars have become truly indispensable no matter where we live: in the countryside or city. They were initially invented for transportation. Although cars perform this function as primary up to the present, some people buy them for self-affirmation and status and thank God that there aren’t mostly Model T Ford cars as it was in 1916 (at that time, 55 per cent of all cars in the world were Model T Ford that’s been the record). Today, there are cars to suit every taste and pocket. Are you looking for HD cars wallpapers? You’re in the right place. Choose from a range of cars wallpapers we’ve selected for you. What car make do you like the most? Volkswagen? Do you know that Adolf Hitler is a presumable designer of the first Volkswagen car (Volkswagen is literally translated as “People’s car” from German)? There’s a surviving sketch of the Volkswagen Beetle drawn by Hitler, historians assume, that Ferdinand Porsche was ordered to bring to life. Today, the Volkswagen concern owns Audi, Porsche, Ducati, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti. Embellish a home screen of your computer with highly qualitative cars wallpapers you like the most.