You’re sitting at a dinner table that’s covered with snow-white cloth and adorned with a red rose in a glass vase and a couple of burning candles. There are well-dressed and well-mannered people around. All you can hear is pleasant, quiet live music, hubbub of voices, and little waves (the restaurant is on the seafront). You’re just sitting and enjoying. After a while, a waiter brings the dishes you’ve ordered – mussel linguine and bourbon-pecan tart with chocolate drizzle for dessert. Mmm… Coffee, tea, sweets, cocktails, cup-cakes, fruit, berries, pancakes... It isn’t a complete list what food and drink wallpapers on our website depict. In fact, pretty much can be revealed about a person concluding from their diet. For example, one may assume how busy they are during the day, what health conditions they may have, and, most important, how they treat themselves, their health, and life in general. Thus, outlooks on life of people who lead a healthy lifestyle and habitués of fast-food restaurants are obviously different. What category do you belong to? It’s never too late to change what you aren’t satisfied with. Food and drink wallpapers in HD, we’ve selected for you, will definitely make your mouth water - all of them are very realistic and appetizing. Bon appétit!