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There are two types of people: city lovers and city haters. Some people cannot imagine themselves living somewhere in the countryside. It seems to them they will die from boredom there. Instead, they strive to be in motion, in a place where life doesn’t stand still but is in full swing. They aren’t annoyed by constant hubbub and bustle at all. On the contrary, they prompt them to do something, be active all day long. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to look through our set of countries and cities wallpapers. The best images of the most famous megalopolises are all here in HD. Still, there are people who wouldn’t change serenity of their life for love or money. Probably, they just cannot understand how it’s possible to enjoy delights of life in a place where you are assigned just a few square meters of living space, when you are surrounded by strangers wherever you go, when you cannot hear your own thoughts in your head due to never-ending noise. True joy is in quietness, nature, solitude, and incredible landscapes you can see every single day. True joy is in simple things. How do you see your future life? Which style of living do you prefer? If you still cannot give a clear answer, a glance at countries and cities wallpapers may help you to decide.