Computer invention and its mass distribution, along with the Internet accessibility, changed the way of living root and branch. The mankind entered the Digital/Information Age. Culture is the reflection of people’s preferences, needs, and outlooks on life at the moment. Art works are the method they try to make their voice heard and true feelings revealed. Undoubtedly, the new era has considerably influenced modern culture. In particular, it gave rise to a number of brand new subcultures. Among them is video game (sub)culture. Video gaming has become a separate entertainment industry, which produces thousands of new games every year. Furthermore, it improves the way people play video games, making the process even more exciting, true-to-life, and physically active. Invention of home video game consoles (the Xbox, PlayStation, Wii) revolutionized the way we entertain ourselves. There are video games to suit all tastes. What would you like to do: to fight in a war, sink enemy ships, play tennis, build a city, drive a race, or play cards? Everything is possible in the comfort of your home. If you’re a gamer, you probably would like to install your favourite games wallpapers on your device. Here, you’ll surely find ones to your liking. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that all games wallpapers – as well as others –are of HD on this website.