Photo Of Peacock

Most of us look forward to Oscar Awards, which are held annually, not only to learn what the best film of the year is, who is the best actor and actress – we anticipate the red carpet ceremony to see how celebs and their satellites will be dressed, thinking how much we’d like to be in their place. Seeing them receiving prestigious awards and looking at their photos in glossy magazines, it’s hard to believe that each of them had another life. Some celebs have been popular since birth although others had to battle through life. To support themselves, they had to work as drivers, shop assistants, waiter/waitresses, cleaners, cashiers at supermarkets, and the like. Such stories deserve close attention – they can (and must) be set as examples to follow. Still, fame is a rather relative notion. What does determine how famous a person is? Media attention. However, it isn’t drawn by noble actions exclusively. Freaks, scandals, and gossips work fine. Whether these people accomplished something in their lives fades into insignificance. Andy Warhol, an American pop art artist famous worldwide, coined the phrase 15 minutes of fame. In our set of celebrities wallpapers, there are the best images of the most famous of them: wax statues of whom can be seen at Madame Tussauds’, who have been on a cover of Time magazine; who are awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Let celebrities wallpapers be installed on your device inspire you!