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People have always strived to create stuff that would be as true-to-life as possible. For clarity, art works are meant here. It may sound somewhat paradoxical, though, if to take into consideration that the reason why most artists devote their lifetime to this activity is a desire to escape or change the reality. 3D technology, used in cinematograph, video games, and television, is the example. Why was this technology invented? Right you are, to provide viewers with more lifelike onscreen image if compared to the one 2D offers. How was 3D technology invented? Yes, using the principle how human eye sees and perceives images; there wasn’t the need to discover continents again. Two cameras shoot a film from slightly different angles by analogy with human eyes – each of them perceives a picture differently due to being set some distance apart. What is needed to create a product of high quality is precision. Otherwise, material recorded won’t be synchronized. 3D wallpapers, presented in HD quality, can help you understand what is meant. Despite ordinariness of the idea to bring height, width, and depth to the screen, viewers seem to be delighted with the technology. The thing is that with 3D, all feelings, you experience while watching a movie, whatever, are enhanced several times. Thus, many old films reappear on the big screen in 3D. 3D wallpapers look amazing, too. Furthermore, it can be not only film frames but nature, abstraction, or anything else. 3D wallpapers download will surely adorn your device’s home screen.